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My husband, Brett and I live in beautiful South Africa and have been blessed with the most precious family. We have 2 very beautiful and brave daughters, Tianna (13) and Angelee (10) and a very precious little boy called Zac who touched our hearts forever in his 1 day here on earth. We never would have imagined that we would have to live this side of Heaven without our sweet boy who was born with half a heart, but every day Jesus carries us through and is teaching us more than ever how to live, laugh and love fully. Last year our faithful Great Restorer graciously blessed us once again with another son ... our beloved Gabriel. We are all so in love with him! "Love in Action" is our journey as a family to love the way Jesus is teaching us to love and live.

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Life is certainly a remarkable adventure! You just never quite know what's around that next corner! I am a 36 year old wife and mommy to 4 amazing children. When I started this blog a few years ago I had no idea just how much I would learn about the depths of God's love in the years ahead! Back then I was a mommy of two little girls. In September 2011 we were given the greatest privilege to become proud parents to a very special little boy called Zac, our "lion heart". We were entrusted to carry him in pregnancy in an amazing walk of faith, because he would only be ours this side of Heaven for 21 and a half hours after birth. Our precious heart baby has taught us more about the reality of Heaven and the truly important matters of the heart in his short journey in our lives than a lifespan of living could have taught us. He continues to be our pointer to Jesus in remarkable ways. "Love in Action" has become our incredible journey through grief to live lives filled with grace, strength, increasing joy and purpose as we continue to heal and grow in God's amazing love as a family. Just a few weeks ago we welcomed our second son, Gabriel into this amazing big-wide-world-of-wonder! We are overcome with joy as the Great Restorer is faithfully at work in our lives! Please come and join me on my adventure. I'm one of those people who wears my heart on my sleeve. I'm a firm believer of living my life out in the open as I continue to pursue a life lived in truth and freedom. I am exploring the depths of God's personal love for us, and I have to say that life is far more colourful lived in His love. I would like to live my life having experienced rich friendships - both new and old and most certainly having loved and laughed my way through most of it. I welcome you to share your thoughts and comments with me. At the end of each blog entry, click on "comments" to add your thoughts. I can't wait to hear from you! Here's to life God's way ... RICH and FULL in Jesus Christ's overflowing love for us!

29 August 2015

When the cup falls from your hands

There are times in our lives when it feels as if the cup falls from our hands and to our sorrow we see it crack or break. For some this could be dealing with disappointment, job loss, disability, injustice, betrayal and for others it could be loss or trauma. It was in a time like that in my own life where God taught me some really precious things that allowed me to see Jesus even more clearly than I had ever seen Him before … 
as the master potter, craftsman and mender of my own heart.

It was 4 years ago for me when I watched in slow motion as the beautiful cup that I treasured slowly fell and broke into what seemed to me like thousands of broken shards. My husband and I walked through what we thought was unthinkable … the loss of our precious little boy. Negotiating the pain of our own loss and the added hurt of seeing the loss and pain of our 2 little girls broke our hearts. But what I came to experience was a journey and a legacy that precious Jesus had entrusted to us … a journey of heart healing and renewed hope … so the cup that I speak to you of today is actually the cup of hope and the beauty that can shine even in the hearts of those who have needed to be lovingly repaired by the Heart-Mender … our beloved Potter … Jesus Christ. 

What we have personally come to realise and see in our journey of brokenness and heart-healing is the tender picture of Jesus being so completely committed to a journey of intimate care, kindness, tenderness and patience. He showed me so personally how He was willing to meet me in the broken heap that I lay   …   and no-matter-how-long-it-would-take, He would sit there with me in tenderness and comfort and show me His ability to find every missing piece and mend my heart and that of each of our children and my husband. It was in this time of loss for us that He showed each of us individually how committed He is to the journey of heart healing. Our little boy had died from a severe series of heart defects, and we had prayed fervently for heart healing … but what God showed us as we stopped fixating on the “WHY” was that He had gathered every prayer we had prayed for heart healing and He was moving in those very same prayers to heal our broken hearts and the precious hurting hearts that He would bring our way to share our story of hope. My little boy Zac has given me the most treasured gift that I will always be grateful for … He showed me how to truly see that Jesus stands closest to the broken-hearted - always there to love and restore. He gave to each of us in our family the gift of becoming eternity minded … and His life and story has given us the greatest privilege of being able to comfort others when their hearts have shattered through child-loss by introducing them to the God of all comfort.

Yes the cup looks different than it did before, and in the journey of loss and grief it is important to acknowledge and accept that, but when you allow Him to give you a glimpse of what He is recreating with those broken pieces … it can take your breath away. You see, where we see the gaps and cracks in what is being pieced back together, He sees how beautiful that vessel becomes in allowing His light and glory to shine through. Where we focus in on why it has to be different than before … He is still at work with a plan to fill those empty gaps with gold and splendour through His healing balm and anointing. As we yield to the process of heart healing of any kind, He brings out a gold that we never had before … the reflection of His tender heart of compassion. All that He needs to begin this beautiful work, is an invitation into your pain or disappointment. He will amaze you in revealing to you how He is able to redeem and restore as our Great Redeemer. 

The picture I want to leave you with is the Japanese art of mending broken ceramics. It’s called “kintsugi” which means “golden joinery”. The story of kintsugi began in the late 15th century when an artist was sent a damaged Chinese tea bowl back to China to be fixed. What he accomplished inspired this art form so much so that some people were accused of breaking prized ceramics just to have them mended back together in gold. There are beautiful art collections of these pieced back together ceramics. In fact I read that some of these art pieces are deliberately  and carefully chosen for the deformity it has acquired in a badly heated kiln, then deliberately broken and repaired. A pot that would normally have been trashed is recognised as the perfect background for work in precious kintsugi with gold. 

If God could inspire this beautiful art form of golden restoration, how much more magnificent the masterpiece He is recreating in our hearts and lives after any form of disappointment or brokenness. For those of you with hurting hearts today, may you glimpse the beautiful cup of hope that God has in exchange for you. Where you may only see devastation, He sees a story of restoration! May we glimpse together that golden mended cup that emanates His glory and beauty.  

All my love xxx


21 May 2015

Just one more bite ...

I've been having one of this weeks where I'm not feeling 100% (getting over a head cold), and when I'm like this ... just one little piece of chocolate is most definitely not enough ;0) It's cold, I'm at home and all I can think of is the cookie jar and sweetie tin which is safely housed in my sweetie cupboard. Yes you heard me right ... in this house we most definitely have a sweetie cupboard. It was the first cupboard that was created and filled on my first grocery shop 18 years ago when I got married. I wish I could have captured Brett's face on camera that first shop. The man was shell shocked as he stood by and watched me put chocolate after chocolate into the cart. (I had not informed him about the sweetie cupboard quite yet). Here he was panicking that his petite little bride had big time plans on doubling in size. (hee hee) I calmly assured him that of course I planned on sharing :0) I have continued to explain to him over the years that the sweetie cupboard is simply my love language of blessing the precious guests and family who happen to stroll through the house (and if that happens to be me too on stressful, tiring days, well hey ... calories shared surely must be calories halved?!). I'm sure none of you can relate ... but for the odd one who can, this post is for you and me :0)

On Tuesday's I facilitate a wonderful course called Woman of Peace, and as it happened, as I opened to the session that we had to work through, it was all about where, what or who we turn to when we are stressed, tired or down, especially when it comes to our eating. As I was planning on working through a special slab of hazelnut chocolate later that afternoon, I had to become accountable to what God had prepared for me to share (I just can't shake the feeling that my hubby must have been praying and God was already giggling). So here is what stood out to me and is helping me today when I feel like running to that beloved cupboard ...

"Where is the man who fears the Lord? God will teach him how to choose the best. He shall live within the circle of blessing." 
Psalm 25:12-13 (Living Bible)

It touches my heart so deeply that God cares SO much about EVERY DETAIL concerning our lives. Even in our eating, He wants to lead us into BLESSING. This promise encompasses every area of our lives, including our eating. When we battle with self discipline or we have a rough day that makes us want to binge ... here is a promises that God will teach us to "choose the best". Don't miss this ... we don't have to struggle alone through our issues. It clearly says "God will teach us". He will show us how to choose the best. It's a precious partnership. He doesn't force us, criticise or bully us. No ... in love & with infinite grace He teaches us. In every area of our lives, God so desires to teach us how to choose best (make wise decisions) that will allow us to live in the circle of blessing. Maybe chocolate isn't your struggle ... maybe it's anger, a relationship you are struggling with, feelings of self doubt, shame through bad decisions, a cycle of pain ... whatever it may be, God is so desiring to teach and show you how to choose best and begin to truly live in blessing and freedom. That is His heart for every single one of us. 

Today ... just because you ate 2 biscuits and a row or two of that hazelnut chocolate (yip, you guessed right ... I'm talking to myself over here) ... it doesn't mean that the rest of the day has to be a write off of bad choices until we wait for a more-perfect-tomorrow. Nope ... I for one am marching off to stare that sweetie cupboard down to remind it and myself that I am the boss of it! I get to choose the best for me! I get to dance off those calories in the circle of blessing today and every day! And when I do choose to open that cupboard for the odd treat ... there is peace and freedom in knowing that 1 chocolate doesn't have to turn into a binge. Now am I going to allow my husband to read this post quite yet, you may be wondering??? ... Are you crazy!!!!! Accountability between me and Jesus suits me just fine for today (hee hee) .... And so the sweetie cupboard lives another day :0)

Lots of love xxx





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